It has been a while since I have updated my demo reel.
I decided to put together a Demo Reel showing some of the pieces I have created this past year.

Some of the projects featured in this are:

  • Visual Clips for Vjing usage
  • Unreal Engine Stage ~ Desert Rose Stage for Burning Man
  • Emotional Pose 01
  • Coral ~ Landoni (Music Video)
  • Unreal Engine Cinematic ~ Elder Furby
  • Unreal Engine Stage ~ Lost Library
  • Unreal Engine Cinematic¬†~ Be Not Afraid
  • Unreal Engine Cinematic¬†~The Tall One
  • Stay ~ Mobius Drip (Music Video)
  • Unreal Engine Stage ~ Disco Inferno for Imagine Music Festival
  • Unreal Engine Stage ~ Electric Movement
  • VJ Sets for Electric Movement
  • Unreal Engine Stage ~ Raid Value ~ Raid Castle and Raid City


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